Top 10 Campers with Award-winning Designs (Brief Overview of Best Features)

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With the endless selection of amazing builds, it’s hard to stay objective when determining the best RVS in the business. So instead of trying to rate campers ourselves, today we will consult the experts from the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award. In this video we will cover the winners of this competition in the recent years, going over the aspects that impressed the judges the most.
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#1 La Strada Nova EB:

Considered a flagship of La Strada’s Sprinter-based range, the Nova EB mounts a fiberglass monocoque body on top of the long-wheelbase 3rd generation Sprinter chassis. As a result, the luxury van stands almost 10 feet tall, measures 7-feet wide, and has enough room for a queen bed, a kitchenette and a wet bath.

#2 Ventje:

VW Transporter enjoys a reputation of one of the industry’s favorite vans for camping conversions. However, when transformed by the enthusiasts from the Dutch Ventje, it offers an all-new level of versatility and comfort.

#3 Adria Astella:

The Slovenian manufacturer Adria Mobil, easily makes some of the coziest RVs within the affordable segment. With the new Adria Astella, they are stepping onto the territory of premium caravans and challenge the conventions with airy layouts.

#4 Nestbox Egoe:

For those travelers who never part with their cars, the Czech manufacturer of outdoor furniture builds a thought out fully equipped camper box unit the Nestbox Egoe.

#5 ERIBA Touring 820

Recognized for its sophisticated design and smart interior control system, the 820 is a larger version of the company’s long-lasting Touring caravan. The model is built using steel cage bodywork, measures almost 28 feet in length and provides over 6 feet 7 inches of headroom.

#6 Ark Shelter:

With modular and prefabricated housing increasing popularity every year, the number of eco-friendly, nature-connected projects grows as well. The Netherlands-based Ark Shelter offers all-in-one escape solution with zero impact design.

#7 Swift Basecamp:

Squeezing maximum out of the limited space, this is where the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans, motorhomes and holiday homes truly shines. The Basecamp is their best selling trailer offered in 5.1 and 5.6 meters lengths.

#8 Alpha Van:

Alpha Van is a Mercedes Sprinter conversion that somehow fits a duplex, boasts a 7-feet interior height and still weighs less than competitors.

#9 Hymer Modern Comfort

On sale since 2019, this is one of the company’s most titled campevans, accumulating 6 different awards for design and innovation. The model is built on the 3rd gen Sprinter chassis that is merged with Hymer’s SLC chassis, ensuring low weight and unrestricted customization opportunities.

#10 Torsus Praetorian Overlander:

Initially envisioned as the world’s first 4x4 rugged bus to transport workers in the toughest areas, the Praetorian is now viewed as an ultimate expedition camper equipped to give a group of four a real adventure experience.

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